Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Jerry Fu

Interview with Jerry Fu.

Jerry discusses his passion for salsa dancing, and, his journey of faith that led him to change his career path midway through his progress.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Deneen TB

Interview with Deneen TB.

Deneen shares her journey of faith through the mosaic of life's highs and lows, and, how God has directed her each step of the way.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Krystal Craven

Interview with Krystal Craven.

Krystal openly talks about her journey with Jesus from a young age, how He has helped her through some death-defying illnesses, and, brought her into a new era of ministry for Him.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Lyn Barrett

Interview with Lyn Barrett.

Lyn shares about the trauma that led to her diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and how Jesus ultimately set her free and gave her true fulfillment with a new purpose in life.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Lynn Baber

Interview with Lynn Baber.

Lynn discusses how God blessed her with success on many levels, including raising championship stallions, and, also challenged her to greater faith in Him through some difficult times.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Ernie Prabhakar

Interview with Ernie Prabhakar.

Ernie talks about his journey through life, including two Masters degrees (MIT and Cal Tech), and, the challenges he's faced to grow into a real faith and relationship with Jesus.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Sharon Hughes

Interview with Sharon Hughes.

Sharon discusses how a life of abuse created a mindset that only Jesus could set her free from, and, how He has since used her to help others.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Sara Im

Interview with Sara Im.

Sara discusses how she was held captive in a Kymer Rouge labour camp, her escape from it, and, the path that led her to true freedom with Jesus.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Branch Isole

Interview with Branch Isole.

Branch shares how three distinct God moments changed the direction of his life, and, the new avenues that have developed for him.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Joshua Johnson

Interview with Joshua Johnson.

Joshua shares how he reached a point of frustration with his Christian life, and, how finally saying 'Yes' to God has led him on an incredible journey since then.

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