Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Sara Im

Interview with Sara Im.

Sara discusses how she was held captive in a Kymer Rouge labour camp, her escape from it, and, the path that led her to true freedom with Jesus.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Branch Isole

Interview with Branch Isole.

Branch shares how three distinct God moments changed the direction of his life, and, the new avenues that have developed for him.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Joshua Johnson

Interview with Joshua Johnson.

Joshua shares how he reached a point of frustration with his Christian life, and, how finally saying 'Yes' to God has led him on an incredible journey since then.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Kelli Calabrese

Interview with Kelli Calabrese.

Kelli discusses an unexpected divorce, how God brought her through it, empowered her with insights to support others going through it as well, and, opened new doors into publishing.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Christmas Year End

Christmas Year End Show.

Shaun and Jonnie discuss what has happened with the podcast this year, the themes of how God met our guests, and, the insights into God's love and character that were also gained throughout the year.

Refuge Freedom Stories - James Bryan

Interview with James Bryan.

James shares about his childhood call into ministry, and, how through life, Jesus showed him the need for teaching about living a practical Christian faith.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Cat Sharp

Interview with Cat Sharp.

Cat talks about her sugar addiction, its impact on her life, and, how Jesus gave her victory over it.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Kim Peacock

Interview with Kim Peacock.

Kim discusses the devastating loss of a family member, how God helped her through the emotional pain, and, the victory that developed from it.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Brandon Cordoba

Interview with Brandon Cordoba.
Brandon discusses the challenges of living a life with ADHD and how God has helped him through it, and, the multiple blessings he has experienced.

Refuge Freedom Stories - William Walley

Interview with William Walley.

William talks about how God directly challenged him to make changes in his life, and, the highs and lows of life in his work as a Correction Officer and Youth Minister.

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