Refuge Freedom Stories

Refuge Freedom Stories - Andrena Sawyer

Interview with Andrena Sawyer.

Andrena shares about her experience surviving civil war in Sierra Leone, the changes that brought in her life, and, how faith and purpose have guided her in her pursuit of God.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Paul Granger

Interview with Paul Granger.

Paul talks about a lifelong walk with God, having the heart of a Shepherd, and, how it has impacted his life and the work he does.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Rachel McCants

Interview with Rachel McCants.

In 2016, while dealing with a growing brain tumor, God inspired Rachel find new ways to encourage, inspire, and challenge others to discover and raise their self-worth and standards.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Mrs. Rawls

Interview with Mrs. Rawls.

Mrs. Rawls shares how God helped her find a way out of a domestic violence relationship, and, offers sage advice and a word for the days ahead.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Bruce Wawrzyniak

Interview with Bruce Wawrzyniak.

Through many years as a successful broadcaster with the NHL, NLL, and at two Olympic Games, Bruce shares how his faith kept him grounded when unexpected life challenges came his way, and, that ultimately led him in a whole new direction with God.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Scott DeLuzio

Interview with Scott DeLuzio.

Scott , a veteran, talks about his struggles with PTSD after his brother was KIA while they were deployed together. He also shares how God helped him overcome that, and, what he is doing now to help other veterans as well.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Barbara Culver

Interview with Barbara Culver.

Barbara discusses how a life without love was filled by Jesus, and, how He guided her to teach and start a podcast about it at the age of 75.

Refuge Freedom Stories - MK Morales

Interview with MK Morales.

MK shares about her defining moment when God showed her He was for her, and, the victorious living and purpose that came with that.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Gail Stark

Interview with Gail Stark.

Gail discusses how and why he started a podcast at 70 years old, and, the message of God's love that he hopes it brings.

Refuge Freedom Stories - Virginia Jones

Interview with Virginia Jones.

Virginia shares about her experience of abuse, and, the victory and purpose Jesus gave her instead.

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